5 Tips on How to Managing your Twitter Business Page



Twitter is an excellent platform for building valuable relationships with customers, potential clients and industry influencers. With 500 million tweets a day and 230 million active users, twitter provides the opportunity for your company to reach a massive amount of people. This social networking tool is powerful due to its ability to deliver messages to your followers in real-time context.

Twitter also provides the opportunity for users to connect with customers on an individualized and more personal basis. The best way to gauge whether or not your brand is doing this effectively for you to do an honest assessment and find out if you are influencing and guiding conversations, adding credibility to your brand and building a loyal and engaged Twitter following. If you are not quite sure about your Twitter techniques, check out the following guideline on some best practices that you can begin to implement today:

5 Twitter tips that will get your followers keep coming back for more:

  1. Define Your Purpose – This goes for any social media platform that you implement. To have an effective strategy, you must first ask the following questions: what am I using Twitter for? What type of people do I want to reach and who do I want to follow? Twitter can be used to spread the word about your blog, advocate your brand or to keep up with celebrities and pop culture.  Once you are able to answer these questions, you will have focus and clarity in your strategy.


  1. Tidy Up Your Profile – Your profile is one of the first things that your followers see when visiting your Twitter page. Be sure that your logo is prominent. Also, your description should be authentic and interesting while summing up what you do in a clear and concise way. Also, a high quality picture is a must here. Just like any social media platform, Twitter is your company’s opportunity to brand itself. If done poorly, you will be sending a message of unprofessionalism and inconsistency to potential clients.


  1. Use Twitter Specific Content – Twitter is real-time and because of this, it is important that your brand conveys relevance and timeliness while interacting there.  To achieve this, avoid pushing out the same content on the same day on Twitter as you would on Facebook. The ticket to building an image of authenticity among followers is having specific and real-time content just for Twitter.


  1. Communicate in Context – Interact with customers in context on Twitter. In order to utilize this powerful tool to the fullest, you have to interact on Twitter several times per day and in context while implementing calls to actions. This will encourage your followers to engage with you.


  1. Your Followers Need Love Too – If you have 400 Twitter followers, there is no reason that you should be following any less than 400 people too. Followers want to be followed too. If you show interest in your followers, they will show interest in your brand. This is how you can grow your customer loyalty and build engagement and win at Twitter!



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