How to Measure the Success of Your Social Media Campaign

Graphic By Blation Media

Graphic By Blation Media

Do you spend your time trying to convince others on the value of social media?

Here is a must read guide on how to convey the value of an effective social media strategy.

Organizations that have a resonating online presence is better off than those who are nowhere to be found online. Aside from the benefits of being visible and remaining connected to current and prospective customers, social savvy organizations gain industry credibility, brand recognition, a competitive edge over their competitors who are not online, and the ability to reach an infinite number of leads, prospects and customers.

Despite all the wonderful attributes of having real-time marketing at your finger tips, for many, the main challenge of social media is an inability to communicate its benefits effectively. This is especially true when discussing its return on investment with skeptical decision makers and stakeholders who have not bought into the emergent digital marketplace.

Social Media is not what organizations do it is where they are.

Recent numbers from research institute think tank Statistics Brain estimate that 1.4 billion people use Facebook. This number is staggering and surmises the potential customers that your organization is ignoring if it lacks a resonating online presence. However, forward thinking organizations focused on sustainability and longevity have made it a point to lay a stake in online their brand positioning strategy through social media marketing techniques. Some have launched strategies on their own and have received mixed results. Others find it important to hire experts who have the resources and are able to focus on growing the online presence of their client companies.

This is where Blation Media comes in. Blation CEO, Ken Lawson and Director of Operations, Mike Telesca  launched the Los Angeles based startup in 2008. They did so with the premise of providing solutions to the social media and digital marketing needs of their clients. Although they work with all types of organizations, their specialty is assisting the digital foot prints and brand recognition efforts of e-commerce based organizations.

“The main thing that sets us apart from other companies that do what we do are the platforms that we have created. When we started we did not have much because we started from scratch. But, over the years we have been able to build a network of thousands of followers for our clients just by the platforms that we have been able to put into place.” Explains Telesca.

Telesca and Lawson both believe that it is not only possible to analyze and quantify return on investment metrics, but they can also be communicated effectively. “We are able to use detailed reports and give real reports to our clients that show what is working and what is not.” Says Lawson. The partners agree that successful measurements are impossible without first setting goals, tracking campaigns, measuring social interactions and then reporting.

Blation Media gets it right. Check out the live interview and their take on success metrics here:

Lawson and Telesca have been able to perfect how their company handles their client’s digital marketing strategies. They also have the resources and ability to effectively show, measure and convey the success metrics and intrinsic value of the campaigns that they launch for their clients.

Although measuring the return on investment of marketing through social media challenging, Blation Media has been able to do it. Check out the live interview to see how these guys are able to get it done:

5 Tips on How to Managing your Twitter Business Page



Twitter is an excellent platform for building valuable relationships with customers, potential clients and industry influencers. With 500 million tweets a day and 230 million active users, twitter provides the opportunity for your company to reach a massive amount of people. This social networking tool is powerful due to its ability to deliver messages to your followers in real-time context.

Twitter also provides the opportunity for users to connect with customers on an individualized and more personal basis. The best way to gauge whether or not your brand is doing this effectively for you to do an honest assessment and find out if you are influencing and guiding conversations, adding credibility to your brand and building a loyal and engaged Twitter following. If you are not quite sure about your Twitter techniques, check out the following guideline on some best practices that you can begin to implement today:

5 Twitter tips that will get your followers keep coming back for more:

  1. Define Your Purpose – This goes for any social media platform that you implement. To have an effective strategy, you must first ask the following questions: what am I using Twitter for? What type of people do I want to reach and who do I want to follow? Twitter can be used to spread the word about your blog, advocate your brand or to keep up with celebrities and pop culture.  Once you are able to answer these questions, you will have focus and clarity in your strategy.


  1. Tidy Up Your Profile – Your profile is one of the first things that your followers see when visiting your Twitter page. Be sure that your logo is prominent. Also, your description should be authentic and interesting while summing up what you do in a clear and concise way. Also, a high quality picture is a must here. Just like any social media platform, Twitter is your company’s opportunity to brand itself. If done poorly, you will be sending a message of unprofessionalism and inconsistency to potential clients.


  1. Use Twitter Specific Content – Twitter is real-time and because of this, it is important that your brand conveys relevance and timeliness while interacting there.  To achieve this, avoid pushing out the same content on the same day on Twitter as you would on Facebook. The ticket to building an image of authenticity among followers is having specific and real-time content just for Twitter.


  1. Communicate in Context – Interact with customers in context on Twitter. In order to utilize this powerful tool to the fullest, you have to interact on Twitter several times per day and in context while implementing calls to actions. This will encourage your followers to engage with you.


  1. Your Followers Need Love Too – If you have 400 Twitter followers, there is no reason that you should be following any less than 400 people too. Followers want to be followed too. If you show interest in your followers, they will show interest in your brand. This is how you can grow your customer loyalty and build engagement and win at Twitter!


How to launch an effective Youtube strategy

An effective YouTube marketing strategy is right in line with being on the front lines of a growing video marketing phenomenon. Your audience wants to see visuals and graphics just as much as they want to read content. If launched properly, an effective YouTube strategy will help position your organization as a leading expert in your industry. This strategy will also ensure that your digital marketing efforts are mindful of the growing number of mobile users. This will help your brands avoid alienating important members of your target audience who seek content on mobile devices.

There is no science behind launching an excellent YouTube channel. However, time and time again, proven, repeatable, and scalable strategies actually work. Check out the below video from Social Media expert Erik Qualkom as a testament to this fact. Qualkom had one of the first videos to ever go viral and his video series is considered to be the most watched social media YouTubes of all time:

1. Stats Video: Just like Erik did in the video above, you can pick out some great music and put together industry stats in order to make a video based around this concept. This can lead to a compelling video that does more than just sell products, but it will teach the masses about the gardening industry.

2. YouTube Trailer Video: This will tell the story of not only your brand but also your channel. These should also include a strong call to action that tells viewers to subscribe to your channel.

3. Customer Success Story: Sharing the success stories of your past customers helps to uplift and empower your customers. This will also build trust and credibility by humanizing your brand.

4. Q & A Videos: These will help you become a knowledge bearing authority in the industry.

5. The Tutorial Video: Today, many people go to YouTube first when they want to find out how to do something. These videos are a great way to drive inbound traffic to your website while building trust and credability. Keep the end in mind and remember that the objective of an effective social media strategy is not to self-promote. Instead, the main goal is to be an informative resource to viewers and these types of videos are an excellent way to do just that!

Why Start a Business Podcast




Benefits of podcasting for your business

Podcasting is not a platform that will make you instantly rich. If you think that you will even become slightly well off from podcasting alone, you need to think again. People who strike it rich from podcasting alone are very rare. Podcasting should instead be viewed as an innovative and highly focused way to market your services. The greatest benefit of podcasting is not the possibility of financial gain. The true value of hosting a podcast is the opportunity that it entails. Podcasting provides endless opportunities for you to get your content distributed on the growing digital framework. Because of this, it provides an even broader reach than blogging can attain alone. This reach includes an audience that has a specific goal of accessing information on their mobile devices and/or on-line. Podcasts also provides the opportunity for thought leaders and everyday bloggers alike to position themselves as experts in their industries.

Podcasts are growing

Podcasting is growing into a new arm of the relationship marketing model. It is effective in building an audience, awareness, driving website traffic and lead generation. When a marketer launches a podcast, this provides ample opportunity for followers to get the impression that they truly know the host on a professional level, which is an excellent way to build trust. Audiences are more likely to turn into consumers and spend money on services if a human voice and personality is standing behind the brand. The sense of intimacy that comes along with your voice going into the ears of scores of prospective listeners is priceless. This intimacy operates as a vehicle for building solid and meaningful relationships with target markets.

Cheap and easy

Podcasts are also an inexpensive marketing strategy. With the accessibility of new technologies like high quality microphones, recording and editing software and MP3′s, podcasting has become easier than ever to launch. For a few hundred dollar investment, the time commitment to remain consistent with posting and the creativity needed in order to keep content fresh and engaging, a podcast can be born.

If you are considering starting a business podcast, here are some tips:

Keep content fresh – In order to garner active and loyal listeners, it is important to do a new podcast at least once per week. The most successful podcasters create and publish new content daily or every few days. Also, you want to make sure the content is something that others would want to talk about.

Stick to your target market – Just like any other digital marketing, it is important to evaluate what audience your content should be geared toward. Also, make sure that you are developing content that keeps them listening and engaged. Your goal is to provide resources, information, insight and expertise to this audience. You want to make sure that the content is relevant to your niche.

Keep it short and simple – It is important to remember that most people who listen to podcasts do so while they are on the go. People are typically jogging, riding in the car or standing in line at the grocery store while listening. With this in mind, podcasts can be as short as 7 minutes, but typically should not be longer than 40 minutes. Anything longer than this time frame, and it is possible for you to lose the attention of the  audience.

Enjoy it – Podcasting is on the cutting edge of digital marketing. For this reason, there are no pre-defined rules set in stone. It is important to not stress about getting everything perfect. Try to have conversational style that is relaxed and engaging. This will give the hosts of the show the persona that they are real people who are approachable which fosters trust among audiences.

Feedback – Encourage feedback from listeners. If you do receive less than positive feedback or constructive criticism, welcome it. Take it into consideration and make needed adjustments if there is any merit to negative feedback.  This would require the ability to be introspective, but see it as a chance to improve your podcast.

Network 2014 Inspirational, Empowerment, Professional Networking Conference Held on May 3rd

On May 3rd, the Georgia International Convention Center will be hosting this year’s Black Network Inspirational, Empowerment, and Professional Networking Conference. The purpose of the event is to uplift and enable black professionals and entrepreneurs.

Event organizers encourage business owners, future entrepreneurs, senior management, professionals and company decision-makers to attend. This will be an excellent opportunity to network, attain new business ideas, and garner investment opportunities and professional recognition.

“If anyone is looking to make Business-to-Business connections, learn about products and services that will help business growth, or grab cutting-edge professionals ideals and connections, and speed networking, this is it,” says event organizer, Godwin E. Enogieru.

The event will feature celebrity keynote speakers including Dr. Mel Mahone, Ash Cash, Audrey Blake, Cherie Johnson, Dr. Gather William II, and comedian Melissa Grimmond comedian. Headlining the awardees is a 13-year-old entrepreneur, jewelry designer, author, motivational speaker and philanthropist Gabrielle Jordan Williams.

According to Atlanta based entrepreneur and avid net-worker, Sherry Lowe-Cooke, this type of event is just the thing that up and coming professionals and aspiring business owners need. “Being able to network on the professional level provides many opportunities to gain exposure, support, education and training. For entrepreneurs and small businesses, networking can be a lifeline for referrals. This can also serve as a confidence booster and a source of motivation.”

Since 2010, Cooke has owned COACHNWORKS, a company that is dedicated to helping professionals get the training, coaching, support and guidance needed in order to grow in their careers. “As a job seeker’s coach, I have realized tremendous satisfaction with helping the unemployed find jobs. I have been able to assist in helping a previous felon, not only find a job but after a week or so, become the focus of conversation around a promotion. I have been helpful to older, long-term unemployed as well. I have facilitated, developed and presented various training programs which addressed the limitations and subsequent needs of certain job seekers. It is very rewarding to see these participants succeed.” She said.

Cooke’s dream is to one day launch and build a network of black business owners.” Given the state of the economy, joblessness, and lack of economic and business success within most inner-city and impoverished neighborhoods, forming a network like this could help develop more business owners, provide referrals, motivation, support and training. This network can lead to more jobs in the black community and role models for the black youth.” She said.

For further information about the networking event taking place at the Georgia International Convention Center on May 3rd , please contact: Organizer Godwin E. Enogieru (Blacks Network, Inc) at 1 (877) 773-1002 – TICKETS Available at: BlacksNetwork.Com and Eventbrite.Com.

I Like

Social media marketing is more than just a fad. It is now safe to say that this ever evolving phenomenon is here to stay. This enhanced way of marketing  goods and services is known as the new industrial revolution of our generation. The growing number of social media platforms that are available today, have not only helped to set the pace but also operate as vehicles for how the world does business.

Event promotion company  Eventitily, provided recent research, which suggests that 97 percent of all consumers search for local businesses online. This staggering statistic proves evident, that social media marketing is the new word of mouth advertising. Social media events have the added benefit of taking place in realtime. This means that organizations must be timely, current, and relevant when using social platforms. In doing so, they can achieve brand awareness, and get their messages conveyed at lightning fast speeds.

Despite the many benefits of utilizing social media marketing techniques, there are a number of organizations who are yet to join this revolution and are being left behind. However, savvy organizations have realized that  social media platforms  it is vital to market their products and services through social media. If this is overlooked or even discounted to the slightest degree, the oversight has the potential to damage a company’s ability to maintain relevance, credibility, and longevity in an already highly competitive market-place.

In recent years, the social media landscape has made a key transition from catering to the needs of individuals and is now taking into account the digital marketing strategies of social savvy organizations. Take Facebook for an example, this platform was once considered useful only to individuals who wanted keep up with distant relatives, or find long-lost high school friends. However, an increasing number of companies have employed not only Facebook, but a variety of other social media platforms, like Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, and Instagram. According to e-Strategy Trends, eighty percent of business executives believe that social media is “important” or “somewhat important”, when it comes to marketing and branding.

Many organizations see the many opportunities that social media marketing presents as highly valuable. These include, opportunities to engage target markets and to build relationships with stakeholders. Also, the expense of executing an effective strategy is far less and the global reach is much greater than the  strategies associated with traditional marketing tactics.

When an organization makes the choice to revolutionize their marketing strategy by implementing social media marketing techniques, they end up on a road to longevity. They can then more easily convey their brand with global reach, they can also connect to and engage with their target markets, and this provides a platform that can be used to build more authentic relationships with stakeholders.

Social media sets the pace for the second industrial revolution